Église Saint Trophime, Arles – Éric Petr, 2024 | Nikon F3T, Nikkor H85 f1.8 & Ilford Delta 100

In the 90s, I stopped photography after ten years of passion.

In those years, digital photography arrived and supplanted film photography in just a few years.
A tidal wave that shook an entire industry. All photographers will have something to say about this era, often recounting a painful moment.

For my part, a great sadness seized me. I buried my equipment and my work as if to forget forever this passion for which I had devoted so much time and for which everything seemed to disappear forever.

Ten years later, I slowly returned to the image scene like an addict returning to his drug. 

It was with the Nikon Df, in 2013, that I rediscovered the lost pleasures of film photography.
This camera seemed to me to be the closest thing to silver-based practice, not in the process, but rather in the way it felt to take the shot. Nikon Df is the kind of substitute that photograhpy addicts can take to fool their bodies and minds. But of course, the feeling is deceptive and, despite everything, unsatisfactory.

It had to come to this, to close the loop and, to bring out the old gear from the 80s, recapture the divine sensations of silver halide and continue the journey with our first loves. 

Today, I no longer take pleasure in digital technology, and it is essential for me to continue my quest where my raft ran aground.

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On the way to Arles – Éric Petr, 2024 | Nikon F3T, Nikkor NC24 f2.8 & Ilford Delta 100

It is probably difficult for many people to understand this relationship with film photography. But film photography is an extraordinary tool!

Once you’ve got the hang of it, you will feel like you have gone from a modern car to a vintage one, without any further assistance. 

You shoot and do not have to worry about checking whether your photo was actually taken. Your gesture and technique with film must be beyond reproach, otherwise all your images will be lost forever.
Silver halide is a technique with no net and no room for error.
Concentration is total and the choice to shoot takes on its full value and meaning.
Your choice of film will depend on the type of work you want to achieve, and the same goes for developing the film, with the different developers and exposure times that will bring a particular style to your image.

And then there is the grain of film! This magnificent grain is not the result of the digital recording of electromagnetic waves through a low-pass filter, but of the photochemical process of exposing light to an emulsion of silver halide crystals. 

The plastic result is so different! 

Approach, enter, zoom into a silver image and see these clouds of crystals in infinite colors or shades of gray, like the dots in an etching or the particles that make up stellar clusters. 

Feel the beauty of the silver image!

Self-portrait – Éric Petr, 2024 | Nikon F3T, Nikkor NC24 f2.8 & Ilford Delta 100

Over the last few years, I have been amazed and delighted to see that silver-based photography is gradually making a comeback, not as a mass-market application, but as an alternative creative practice.

Generally taken up by young people curious about the medium, traditional photography has risen from the ashes to occupy the artistic field, and many associated activities have developed in parallel, such as laboratories for developing film and prints on photosensitive paper, training courses in silver photography, small publishing houses dedicated to the authors of this old photography with a fresh eye, as well as numerous stores selling second-hand equipment and silver film of all types.

So, in the 21st century, silver or digital photography?

Beyond this choice, photography is a commitment, a way of seeing, feeling and describing the world around us.


Aomori Nebuta Matsuri 2o23 © Éric Petr Web
Photographs from the heart of the Matsuri © Éric Petr, 2023
Nikon Df & Nikkor H85mm f1.8

青森ねぶた祭 | Aomori Nebuta Matsuri 2o23

These images were created at the heart of the Nebuta Matsuri held in Nakano in October 2023.

Aomori Nebuta Matsuri is a major festival in the Tōhoku region, designated as UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage. 

It is an incredible parade of costumed dancers (haneto 跳人), taiko 太鼓 players and huge floats, shimmering in color and lit up at night.

As a sign of support for this region of northeastern Japan, which was devastated by the terrible earthquake of 2011, Nakano Town Hall in Tōkyō has been organizing its own festival since 2012 under the name “Nakano Festival to Support Tōhoku”, where Aomori’s Nebuta Matsuri takes place in October every year.

“It is a wave that you feel deep inside your body. The drums beating with all their power, the crowd in effervescence, the colorful dances, sometimes jerky and sometimes delicate, the flute tunes that pierce this orderly din, everything is so energetic that the senses are sucked into this whirlwind of fervor. In the midst of this bubbling, it seems as if this visual and sonic material is melting together.
Letting myself be carried along by the current of this lively crowd, I try to capture, with my camera, this exaltation, this bubbling mass of individuals gathered for this marvelous festival. Here and there, with long breaths from my shutter, I record faces, hands, colors, dancers, percussionists in action, and all this visual material accumulates in successive layers on my sensor, like those of a painter on his canvas, to restore all the density and depth of the scene.

These eighteen photographs are excerpts from the sixty that tell the poetic story of Aomori’s Nebuta Matsuri.

You can enlarge the image by zooming[Ctrl] and [+]

Aomori Nebuta Matsuri 2o23 © Éric PetrAomori Nebuta Matsuri 2o23 © Éric PetrAomori Nebuta Matsuri 2o23 © Éric PetrAomori Nebuta Matsuri 2o23 © Éric PetrAomori Nebuta Matsuri 2o23 © Éric PetrAomori Nebuta Matsuri 2o23 © Éric PetrAomori Nebuta Matsuri 2o23 © Éric PetrAomori Nebuta Matsuri 2o23 © Éric PetrAomori Nebuta Matsuri 2o23 © Éric PetrAomori Nebuta Matsuri 2o23 © Éric PetrAomori Nebuta Matsuri 2o23 © Éric PetrAomori Nebuta Matsuri 2o23 © Éric PetrAomori Nebuta Matsuri 2o23 © Éric PetrAomori Nebuta Matsuri 2o23 © Éric PetrAomori Nebuta Matsuri 2o23 © Éric PetrAomori Nebuta Matsuri 2o23 © Éric PetrAomori Nebuta Matsuri 2o23 © Éric PetrAomori Nebuta Matsuri 2o23 © Éric Petr


Sasayaki Murmures Éric Petr 2023 | Blog for Wajima
Photographs ささやき 2023, on sale to benefit the victims of 01.01.24 of Wajima

After the violent earthquake in Japan that hit the Noto Peninsula on 01.01.2024, I decided to offer two photographs for a charity sale to benefit the victims of Wajima, because I felt it was necessary for this work, which is closely linked to the earthquake of 05.05.2023, to contribute, however modestly, to the reconstruction of the town of Wajima.

Half the proceeds will be donated to the Wajima Disaster Relief Organization.
・The first half corresponds to my royalties and remuneration.
・The second half corresponds to the running costs of my Studio, taxes and charges as well as the costs of Fine Art paper and pigment ink.

Would you be interested in making this donation?
Please click on the link below:


!! My wife being Japanese, the donation will be directly redistributed by Japanese bank transfer to the Japanese Red Cross in Ishikawa Prefecture, as soon as the artwork has been delivered to you.
We will provide you with the certificate of proof of the deposit made in Yen by my wife !!

Characteristics of the 2 works

Title work left: ささやき 0x608EBF51
Title work on the right: ささやき 0x604ABB51 (Sold out)
Year: 2023
Copy: #2/3 (Limited edition 3 copies + 1AP)
Dimensions: 30x30cm
Technique: In situ long exposure digital photography
Nikon DF camera with Nikkor H-85mm f1.8
Printing: Pigment inks on Hahnemühle paper Fine Art Bright White Rag 310g
Signature: Signed on back
Certificate of Authenticity: Yes
Frame: Light oak box with museum glass
Note: Very discreet imperfections visible on the edge of the frame (-10% discount deducted)
Free: My “Spirituelles Odyssées” author’s book (€35 value)

Price per work: € 630
Shipping: Free

Please click here to view larger images

But why offer these two photographic works in aid of the victims of Wajima?

When I visited Japan during the spring of 2023, I went to Kenroku-en Park in Kanazawa on the night of May 4-5. It was a full moon night and I heard a symphony of natural elements. These hundred-year-old trees, these lakes that have spanned the dynasties and this moon so radiant, brought me the sensation of being on the stage of a theater nō.

The energy I captured that night was so strong, so radiant, so penetrating that the beauty of nature was sublimated, and its complicity with the cosmos clearly understood. It seemed that all this beauty was in motion, and that it was entering a marvellous, supernatural dance.

A few hours later, I was on my way by bus to Suzu in the north of the Noto Peninsula, when we were suddenly stopped in our tracks on May 5, 2023 at 2:42 pm by a violent 6.5 magnitude earthquake, which were followed by numerous aftershocks over a 24-hour period.

I then realized that, that night, in Kenroku-en Park, I had picked up the whisper of an earthquake. 

I then decided to call this photographic work ささやき (sasayaki), which means “murmurs “. 

As chance would have it, or rather the synchrony of events or an order that eludes us, I subsequently exhibited two photographs from this series at the Gallery Ville A des Arts in Paris with UNESCO’s CNFAP in October 2023.

When I learned on January 1, 2024, that a magnitude 7.6 earthquake had struck the same spot at 16:10 Japan time, I was stunned and overwhelmed.

All the impressions I’d felt during the aftershocks suddenly came back to me, the whole night after we’d tried to sleep on the 9th floor of a hotel on the harbor in the town of Wajima, now devastated by this latest earthquake, in fear of a possible tsunami.

I also felt a great deal of compassion for the Japanese people affected, who had suddenly become homeless, injured or victims, but also a great deal of sadness for this small town where we had wandered with our friends through the pretty streets of the morning market and its atmosphere, which seemed so timeless.

This photographic work consists of just twelve photographs. Twelve images of such density that you don’t need much more to understand the vibratory beauty of this whisper.

The two photographs I’m offering for sale here were exhibited in Paris in October 2023. While the others are waiting for a new story to tell before being shown again.

It seemed obvious to me that this work, in direct resonance with the May 2023 earthquake, had to play a part, however humbly, in Wajima City’s victim relief efforts.


zz Blog Abstract Project Paris exhibition January 2024 Comm banner

I’m pleased to invite you to the opening of the “Propositions Abstraites” photography exhibition, Wednesday January 24, 6-9pm.

January 25 to February 3, 2024
open Wednesday to Saturday, 2 to 7 p.m.

5 rue des Immeubles Industriels
75011 PARIS metro Nation


For the second time, Abstract Project gallery presents an exhibition focusing on photography, its practices and its approach to non-figurative abstraction.
The widespread availability and distribution of photographic possibilities has increased personal production tenfold, fostering experimentation and generating, in its continuous flow, abstract images from professionals, amateurs or simple opportunities to look.
Avoiding an exhaustive panorama of this research, we wanted to invite artists close to the Réalités Nouvelles movement, whether photographers, painters or visual artists, to present their occasional or regular practice of abstraction in photography.
By looking at the various media not in silos, but as tools that interact, feed off and support each other, the exhibition highlights how these artistic disciplines influence artists in their approach to abstract photography, and set them apart.

Exhibition initiated by Michel-Jean DUPIERRIS and Jun SATO with…

Caroline BOUCHER
Florian BOUXIN
Charlotte BRASSEAU
Philippe Henri DOUCET
Hippolyte DUPONT
Elisabeth LAPLANTE
Marie-Françoise SERRA

zz 光 0x308518BF Éric Petr | Blog Abstract Project Exhibition Paris January 2024
Click on image to enlarge

Title: Hikari 0x308518BF
Year: 2023
Copy: #1/3
Size: 19 x 19 cm [Cadre 32 x 32 cm]
Technique: Digital photography in situ Nikon DF, Nikkor Q135. Lucia Pro pigment inks on Hahnemühle Fine Art Pearl 285g paper.
Print made at Éric Petr Studio inspiration

zz Blog Abstract Project Exhibition Paris January 2024
Click on the image to display the Flyer

MURMURS 2023 @ CNFAP | ささやき

ささやき 0x604ABB51 (détail) © Éric Petr (2023

I am happy to announce the MURMURS exhibition
organized by the CNFAP at the La Ville A des Arts gallery in Paris 18th from 4.10 to 15.10.2023 and bringing together 41 visual artists who will express themselves on the theme of murmurs.
A Vernissag will be held on this occasion on October 3 at 6:30 p.m. 🥂✨

Participating artists:
Ayasaky Rikka – Barrovecchio Luc – Bauer Caroline – Belin Hélène – Bismuth Mélina – Blauth Lurdi – Braun Guy – Brebel Catherine – Bry Christine – Burdeos Rosa –  Collandre Françoise – Dubois Tristan – Dudret Geneviève – Edouard André – Ferru Magdéleine – Fourmestraux Éric – François Claudine – Gendre-Bergère Christine – Gérodez Jean-Claude – Gehand Annie – Guyon Spennato Elizabeth – Jäggi Andreas – Kouninioti Catherina – Koyama-Meyer Stéphane – Lambrechts Marc – Loquen Claudine – Lorsa – Nassor Carine – NEL – Pedeau-Said Geneviève – Pelouze Anny – Petr Éric – Pichereau Alain – Pourny Anne – Sartori Ana – Searle Patrick – Shahnaei Najine – Souliotis Dimitrios – Sustrac Bernard – Tralongo Pauline – Vuerich Franco

§ § §


The Ville A des Arts
15 rue Hégésippe Moreau
75018 Paris
Metro Place de Clichy lines 2 & 13

Open every day: from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Free entry access
Presence of artists on site

About the CNFAP
French National Council of Plastic Arts

The French National Council for the Plastic Arts is the French National Committee that officially represents France in the IAAA (International Association of the Plastic Arts), an NGO under the auspices of UNESCO, and issues a professional artist card.
Under the impulse of the General Direction of Arts and Letters of the Ministry of National Education, the CNFAP was created in 1956.
It includes, among its founding members, 20 eminent artists, including : Georges BRAQUE, Roger CHAPELAIN-MIDY, André DUNOYER de SEGONZAC, Marcel GROMAIRE, Marie LAURENCIN, André LHOTE…

Click to download the poster

ささやき 0x608EBF51


The two exhibited works are part of a short photographic novella「ささやき」produced in Japan in May 2023.

ささやき (Sasayaki), in Japanese, means “MurmurS”, the title of the theme “Murmures” in French.

These photographs are, for those who know how to listen to silence, the murmur of nature.

While my photographic artwork tirelessly questions the murmurs of the universe, I did not think that the waves that I captured that night in Kanazawa, in dialogue with the moon, transmitted to me a vibration heralding the 6.5 magnitude earthquake which occurred a few hours later, on May 5, 2023 at 2:42 p.m. in Ishikawa Prefecture.

Everything is just a murmur of these waves which constantly pass through us and transmit to us in their infinite trajectory, the echo of the World, if indeed we can interpret it.

Photographs, Hahnemühle B&R Rag 310g paper, light oak wooden box and anti-reflective and anti-UV museum glass.
From left to right (below):
ささやき 0x608EBF51 (2023) 30x30cm #1/3 (+1AP)
and ささやき 0x604ABB51 (2023) 30x30cm #1/3 (+1AP)


Photograph shown in Kyōto © Éric Petr 光0x58B17F46

The New Realities exhibition | Paris Kyōto 2023 Hors les Murs

The exhibition of NEW REALITIES > PARIS KYŌTO < [abstract works on paper] held at the KYŌTO INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY HOUSE (KOKOKA) in the city of Kyōto from April 26 to 30, 2023, during the Kyōtographie International Festival, was an event nurtured by some very fine encounters.
A mainly Japanese public came to see this exhibition, encouraging a highly constructive exchange in the spirit of opening up art and culture beyond national borders.

An opening ceremony was held on April 26, the day of the Vernissage, by Mr Fujita Hiroyuki, Director of the Kokoka hosting the exhibition, and Mr Jun Sato, organizer of the Réalités Nouvelles event.
Also for this occasion, Mrs. Mikiko Tanaka, Member of the Kyōto Prefectural Assembly, and Mr. Masayoshi Imamura came to arrange two sumptuous bouquets of flowers that lit up the space throughout this magnificent exhibition.
This event was also an opportunity to welcome an elementary school class, and drawing workshops and exchanges with the artists were organized to raise awareness of abstract art among this very young audience.

Video presentation of the exhibition at the end of the hanging
Floral arrangement by Mikiko Tanaka さん and Masayoshi Imamura さん
The Artists (from left to right): Akane Masano さん, Shigekazu Tonomura さん,
Yasushi Furutake さん (visiting artist), Éric Petr and Okayoko さん


OKAYOKO( おかよこ )
Hiromi SATO( 佐藤 ひろみ )
Shigekazu TONOMURA(とのむら 茂一 )
Akane MASANO( まさの あかね )

Mohamed AKSOUH
Milija BELIC
Christine BOIRY
Francesc BORDAS
Claire BORDE
Caroline BOUCHER
Carol-Ann BRAUN
Olivier DI PIZIO
Philippe Henri DOUCET
Héloïse GUYARD
Stefanie HEYER
Mary-Christine JALADON
Françoise KULESZA
Pascal MAHOU
Sylvie MARY
Jean-Paul MEISER
Munira NAQUI
Laurence REBOH
Marie-Françoise SERRA
Madeleine SINS
Bogumila STROJNA
François SUPIOT
Marine VU
Jacques WEYER


Kyoto International Community House (kokoka)
2-1 Torii-cho, Awataguchi, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto, 606-8536 JAPAN
tel : +8175-752-3010

Exhibition organized with The New Realities Paris




An exhibition co-sponsored by the
Kyōto City International Foundation

Wednesday 26.04 Sunday 30.04.23 [09:30 17:00]

Wednesday April 26, 2023 [17:00 20:30]

Kyōto International Community House
“Twin Cities” exhibition room
2-1 Torii-cho, Awataguchi, Sakyo-ku, Kyōto, 606-8536 JAPAN
Tel : +81-75-752-3010

I am happy to be invited to this beautiful event and I will present for this exhibition on abstraction a new photographic work in 3 copies printed on matte cotton fiber paper of 40x55cm.

I hope to have the pleasure of meeting you at the opening 🙂

During our exhibition, the International Festival of Photography
KYOTOGRAPHIE” will take place in Kyōto from 15.04 to 15.05.2023 and you can also see other exhibitions on this occasion.

zzb 光 0x58B17F46 © Eric Petr blog
光 0x58B17F46 (detail) photograph 30x45cm © Eric Petr, 2022


Sylve cosmique opus 1 (Triptych 48x100cm) © Éric Petr

CNFAP Exhibition
14.03 > 25.03.2023
City Hall of the 8th district of Paris
Mº St Augustin

This event organized by the French National Council of Plastic Arts is part of the cultural events related to the International Day of Forests which takes place on March 21.

“The exhibition offers forty four artworks, as many visions and questions about the forests and their interaction with the world around us, the richness and complexity of the relationships of our societies and our cultures, of man and are future.”
© Ana Sartori


The French National Council for the Plastic Arts is the French National Committee that officially represents France in the IAAA (International Association of the Plastic Arts), an NGO under the auspices of UNESCO, and issues a professional artist card.
Under the impulse of the General Direction of Arts and Letters of the Ministry of National Education, the CNFAP was created in 1956.
It includes, among its founding members, 20 eminent artists, including : Georges BRAQUE, Roger CHAPELAIN-MIDY, André DUNOYER de SEGONZAC, Marcel GROMAIRE, Marie LAURENCIN, André LHOTE…

Exhibition FORESTS by the CNFAP from 14.03 to 25.03.23 at the City Hall of the 8th district of Paris


“Sylve cosmique opus 1” Triptych
Éric Petr, 2o22 / copy #1/3

Presentation : Triptych of 48 x 100 cm composed of three photographic’s tableau.
Technique: Digital camera and pigment ink print on satin-finish fine art paper.

From these threads of light, which flow over our forests as water spreads life, are hidden the secret codes of the creative matter that reproduces the universes. This powerful energy seeps into the interstices of nature and its cosmic sap works to shape the universe in the matrix.
This first opus was born from this reflection on the life-giving power of the forest but also on its vulnerability.
This new project will write its next opuses to reveal the forest in its most poetic form but also to make the reader aware of this equation: vitality / fragility.

Flyer of the CNFAP FORESTS exhibition


ポピー opus_8 © Eric Petr, 2022

Barely suggested,
and sometimes evanescent as a thought,
in a movement generated by warm kisses,
ruby color,
pink or sunny,
symbol of lightness and carelessness,
like a breath which would cross the seasons,
straight out of the matrix of the world,
are reborn in this magical Provence,
the time of a dance announcing the torrid heat,
my timeless efflorescences.

ポピー opus_8 © Eric Petr, 2022

I am very happy to share with you this new series, exhibited by CORRIDOR ÉLÉPHANT.
I invite you to discover the continuation of this photographic work in the Exhibition Gallery.

ポピー opus_8 © Eric Petr, 2022


The Battle of the Amazons | Metamorphoses 0xB09FE203 © Éric Petr, 2o2o

“My work constitutes a thought process on the nature of light – a quest for its essence.

I borrow light, in its most primitive form, as raw material, as the foundation, the architecture of my entire photography. Light is not used as something that can show or illuminate what is around us, but only for what it really is, for its undulating, corpuscular nature.

I fashion this light in such a way that its filtering, reflection or dazzling may redefine the space I happen to be in and offer a different perception of the world.

I ask the question of whether our actual perception is but a placement of our own selves in relation to the universe, and as a result, if this perception shapes our own comprehension of reality, or should I say, of a certain reality.

My work is part of a meditative endeavor, but one where I am personally detached from any introspection. I like the idea of being crossed by atoms, of feeling so vast that we have a sense of being in every place at once, yet also focused on just one point, the one my camera happens to be located in. I engage in long working sessions to record the vibration of a place, its atomic resonance, or its indecipherable atmosphere, and like a film whose duration plays out in just one image, a story unfolds according to the diction of scenography and movement whose inspiration is in sync with the elements composing this very place.

In my work on the “Metamorphoses”, light intervenes in a specific way on the reflection of objects, so that their scene setting in situ creates figures akin to dilated bodies, figures composed of floating ethers coalescing in complex and destructured shapes that the image, when developed, restores, as if they conformed to a potential reality.

These bodies do not belong to space or time, nor do they belong to our world, they are but aggregates of waves and particles locked in a perpetual motion, elements which come and collide with my inverted T wave, just for one, brief moment.

My photographic writing is direct, that’s to say that it enters into a narrow relationship with the material. It is born from a meeting that takes but an instant, fixed on the border of temporality, caught between a being and the universe. This is what we could call a point of contact between Heaven and Earth.

There is no such thing as chance, merely synchrony. My meeting with the DF Art Project is of this nature. I would never have thought that there could exist as many common points.

And if this beautiful meeting with Déstructuralisme Figuratif took place, it is also because all the elements had come together so that my work could contribute a humble stone to their edifice. And above all, the DF Art Project involves a communion of individuals around a societal thought on human beings and the infinite possibilities of transgressing their shape through a fragmentation of the figure. A whole aspect of my work enters into consonance with this position, one where figures dilate, and where this full expansion of my imagery aptly questions the conceptualization of these shapes and their quantic connection to reality.”

by Éric Petr

About Figurative Destructuralism

The structure DF Art Project, represented by the Figurative Destructuralism movement, is an artistic collective of living plastic artists sharing a vision of art which is common to them and by which artistic work is oriented towards a fragmentation of what is real. This reality is put into perspective, distorted or dynamically transformed.

Through this conceptualization, the artists position themselves against a rising tide of individualism, where human exchange has given way to rampant loneliness. Their introspective focuses on analysis and the multidimensional creation, where the surreal comes to the fore and where, more generally, new less human, more virtual interactions are created.

These perceptions aim to reveal, through what could be called an optimistic rally cry, a situation, probably generational, of a globalized society in the throes of mutation facing – a society faced with an uncertain, ever-changing future.

Through artistic creation, the DF Art Project presents its considerations on a society where true possibilities for the emancipation of mankind as well as like the independence of human imagination are being redefined.