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Aomori Nebuta Matsuri 2o23 © Éric Petr noSign

Aomori Nebuta Matsuri
青森ねぶた祭 2o23

Images that take birth in the heart of Nebuta Matsuri in Aomori, Japan.

Variations de Lumière opus 6 détail | Éric Petr

Variations of Light op.6

Photography, the way I approach it, is first of all a writing. My work is therefore attached to the root of the word “photography” and all my research aims to play with this meaning.

Variations of Light op.5

This new opus, in the continuity of a reflection on the essence of light, questions the effect it produces in the perception of the BEING and its immediate or cosmic environment.  

Radiant Night 2o2o

I wanted to talk about my city, Marseille, an unloved and yet so beautiful city, split by its scars, its urban wounds, which offers its divine protection from the Good Mother only to those who amaze.

h2O-Ray_47Ag 2o2o

Images that arise during the great confinement of 2020. From these photographs emerge both peace and anxiety of mind. While the world has suddenly stopped, in this surreal immobility, LE SILENCE imposes itself everywhere.

Variations of Light op.3

Photographic triptych 2020.
A reflection on the symbolism of the essence of life from which arises this creative energy which, like a wave, unfolds through space-time and reproduces itself ad infinitum.

Thema Metamorphoses

Bodies in dilation like floating ethers, which take shape in complex and unstructured volumes that the image restores to the gaze as a possible reality.

Ô Fujisan 2o18 

It’s fall 2018, I’m on Lake Kawaguchiko and I’m waiting for it.
I feel its presence.
It’s a vibration that goes through me…

Rendez-vous in the gardens 

Installations of matrix & Popii at the Jardin Sauvage in Cabriès for the Europe of the gardens 2o18

ポピー opus 1, 2 and 3 

Barely suggested, sometimes evanescent like a thought, in a movement generated by past spring winds…

Procession of the Black Madonna 

Procession of the Virgin Mary from the Old Port of Marseille to the Abbey of Saint-Victor on Candlemas Day, February 2, 2018 at 4 o’clock in the morning.

地電流 2o18 

– – – Telluric energy – – –
A photography in between where the worlds of the visible and the invisible are juxtaposed, under a fragile light, in a telluric Japan.

amour 2o17 

– – – Photographic story – – –
Abandon, Movement, Opening, 
Univers, Rebirth

Variations of Light op. 1 

– – – Photographic study 2o17 – – –
Octoptyque presented at Réalités Nouvelles for the Salon de l’Abstraction in October 2018.

#fragments 2o17 

– – – Photographic study 2o17 – – –
A study questioning the fact that our observation of the universe would impose certain limits on our perception of reality.

#bootstrap 2o17 

#bootstrap_2o17 is a project that was born in the footsteps of “traversée de nuit”, an installation of a digital work of 36×1024 pixels (36.864 pixels) from 2004.

mAtrix 2o16 

Threads of light streaming over the world like water spreading life.

Sun 2o16

Sun 2o16, is just a contemplation.

光の痕跡 thema

My negative is like the painter’s canvas and the light, his brush. Thus the axiom posed, the ray of light is fixed; it is the device that must be mobile.

Dichotomies 2o15

Full moon lunar dichotomies, an inaccuracy yet made possible.


光 Hikari in Japanese means light. A photographic research that questions the source of the universe.

Spiritual Odysseys

A work on light, which results in creating as many paintings as there are photographs.  Reading is as much about looking as it is about feeling. 

Marseille 2o13

On January 12, 2013, Marseille, elected European Capital of Culture is in turmoil.

Twilight of the Gods 2oo9

Fos sur Mer, one summer night, in a deleterious atmosphere, in opposition to the memory of the Camargue region.

Windows 2oo5

Unveiled and suggested universes, a poem in images that reveals the nocturnal atmosphere of Hong Kong’s skyscrapers. Shots taken between 2004 and 2005 during several trips.

Bangkok 2oo4

Photographic story made during nighttime roaming in Bangkok in 2004.

Tokyo under the rain 2oo3

Nocturnal stroll in the Aoyama district of Tokyo.

The 80s

Some series images of my work in the 80s.