h2o-Ray_47Ag 2o2o

Éric Petr | 0x8C35704Éric Petr | 0x18D45704Éric Petr | 0x28E55704Éric Petr | 0x38E55604Éric Petr | 0x80BA5704Éric Petr | 0x88BB9C01Éric Petr | 0x883A5704Éric Petr | 0x985C5804Éric Petr | 0x10325604Éric Petr | 0x10545804Éric Petr | 0x20655804Éric Petr | 0x30655704Éric Petr | 0xA0DC5704Éric Petr | 0xA85C5704Éric Petr | 0xB85C5604Éric Petr | 0xC0ED5604Éric Petr | 0xC8A5D6Éric Petr | 0xA0CB5604

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Images that arise during the great confinement of 2020.

From these photographs emerge both peace and anxiety of mind.
While the world has suddenly stopped, in this surreal immobility, LE SILENCE imposes itself everywhere.

A cottony silence, a silence that we had never heard, of which we know neither the color, nor the taste, nor the sensation.
A silence that resembles an awakened comas.
A silence in the colors of a dream, a dream from which we wonder if we will wake up from it.
A dream that resembles that of a fall, a fall that endlessly takes us into the abyssal depths of our internal silence.

Silence to the forgotten sensations of our fetal state.