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Eric Petr | Spiritual Odysseys a numbered and signed book
Spiritual Odysseys 2017, a book by Éditions Corridor Éléphant | Author, Eric Petr

Spiritual Odysseys, the book
Éric Petr | photographs

A 108-page book designed as an ART OBJECT, in 14cm x 21cm format, published by CORRIDOR ÉLÉPHANT Editions in a very limited edition of 250 unique copies, numbered and signed by the author.
Printed on a 170g semi-matte paper with a 300g laminated cover, it presents through 36 full-page photographs a work on light that results in creating as many paintings as there are photographs. Reading is as much about looking as it is about feeling.
The photographs are accompanied by a text by Jean-Paul Gavard-Perret, a preface by the publisher and a word from the author.
A four-page interview with the author concludes this book.

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Shipping: 7 €
TOTAL: 42 €

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Spiritual Odysseys book’s teaser