Metamorphoses thema

Éric Petr | 0xD8EE0AÉric Petr | 0x87D6203Éric Petr | 0xA0F3F803Éric Petr | 0x389D8103Métamorphoses © Éric PetrÉric Petr | 0x900C7B03Éric Petr | 0x90646104Éric Petr | 0xA8D43D03AÉric Petr | 0xA8F26E02Éric Petr | 0xC018DA04Éric Petr | 0x1095140DÉric Petr | 0xC87E13Éric Petr | 0xA00D37Éric Petr | 0x10A95D04Métamorphoses © Éric PetrÉric Petr | 0xC8268204Éric Petr | 0xB026FB03Éric Petr | 0x545904Éric Petr | 0x900C8C04Éric Petr | 0x90E5D904Éric Petr | 0x30FD5F03Éric Petr | 0x8048C04

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Metamorphoses are bodies in dilation like floating ethers, which take shape in complex and unstructured volumes that the image restores to the gaze as a possible reality.

Bodies which belong neither to time, nor to space, nor to our world but which are only aggregates of matter, waves and elementary particles in perpetual motion, to freeze at a moment T on my negative or my sensor.

Metamorphoses would be a photograph of the expansion of the universe, at a precise point in its trajectory, where spectra would take on random and recognizable forms containing the mnemic of the cosmos.