#fragments 2o17

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#fragments「triptyk_2o17  」
– – – Photographic research – – –


#fragments [ triptyk_2o17 ] is a poetic transcription of the principle of indeterminacy or “relations of uncertainty” of quantum mechanics stated by Werner Heisenberg in 1927.
This photographic study questions the fact that our observation of the universe imposes certain limits on our perception of reality.
The stained glass windows represent in these images the symbolism of elementary particles that are the photons then, …
The white board represents particle position, the black board represents particle velocity, and the small array represents the measurement compromise between minimalistic position and velocity.

#fragments_blanc 2o17 [cliquer pour agrandir]
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#fragments [ triptyk_2o17 ] Canson Baryta Prestige 340g on Dibond 3mm
1st painting: #fragments_blanc (26cm x 150cm) without frame
2nd painting: #fragments_noir (26cm x 150cm) without frame
3rd painting: #fragments_3b-5-0F (14cm x 18cm) black frame

Description of the device

Cave of Sainte Marie-Madeleine of Sainte Baume [cliquer pour agrandir]

There are 3 strictly aligned luminous bodies.

These three bodies were recorded on the sensor of a camera during a session.

The device took 5 recording sequences of the 3 luminous bodies according to a movement parallel to their alignment.

The 3 bodies appear or do not appear depending on whether or not they are in sight of the objective during the recording operation of the 5 sequences.

The 5 sequences are materialized by “windows-images” appearing on a board whose support is a strip of photo paper of 26×150 cm.

This display device is reproduced identically on two tables whose background color is different.

One has a white background: #fragments_blanc

The second has a black background: #fragments_noir

A third element completes the work as a whole to make it a triptych; this is the image of the third sequence drawn on a small board, in photo paper format 14x18cm: #fragment_3b-5-0F

The “image windows” are the visualization, on each of the paintings, of the images representing the luminous bodies.

The 2 paintings, #fragments_blanc and #fragments_noir, represent the symbolism of the position and speed of these luminous bodies.

The small format, on the other hand, displays the image of one of the 5 sequences to extract it from its shooting context and represents the symbolism of the measurement compromise between minimalist position and speed.

The total duration of the five sequences, from point A (start of the beginning of the recording of the first sequence), until point E (end of the recording of the fifth and last sequence), determines the speed of movement of the sensor .

The appearance of the images materializes, by a reflected phenomenon, the displacement of the sensor or its position during this displacement.

The “image windows” represent the visible part of the recording of the phenomenon, like the upper part of a wave that can be seen forming on the water when a body touches its surface.
They determine the position of the sensor during its movement but not its speed of movement.

The part which separates two “image-windows”, like the distance between two waves marked on the surface of the water, determines the speed of movement of the sensor and not its position.

Diagram of #fragments [cliquer pour agrandir]