MURMURS 2023 @ CNFAP | ささやき

ささやき 0x604ABB51 (détail) © Éric Petr (2023

I am happy to announce the MURMURS exhibition
organized by the CNFAP at the La Ville A des Arts gallery in Paris 18th from 4.10 to 15.10.2023 and bringing together 41 visual artists who will express themselves on the theme of murmurs.
A Vernissag will be held on this occasion on October 3 at 6:30 p.m. 🥂✨

Participating artists:
Ayasaky Rikka – Barrovecchio Luc – Bauer Caroline – Belin Hélène – Bismuth Mélina – Blauth Lurdi – Braun Guy – Brebel Catherine – Bry Christine – Burdeos Rosa –  Collandre Françoise – Dubois Tristan – Dudret Geneviève – Edouard André – Ferru Magdéleine – Fourmestraux Éric – François Claudine – Gendre-Bergère Christine – Gérodez Jean-Claude – Gehand Annie – Guyon Spennato Elizabeth – Jäggi Andreas – Kouninioti Catherina – Koyama-Meyer Stéphane – Lambrechts Marc – Loquen Claudine – Lorsa – Nassor Carine – NEL – Pedeau-Said Geneviève – Pelouze Anny – Petr Éric – Pichereau Alain – Pourny Anne – Sartori Ana – Searle Patrick – Shahnaei Najine – Souliotis Dimitrios – Sustrac Bernard – Tralongo Pauline – Vuerich Franco

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The Ville A des Arts
15 rue Hégésippe Moreau
75018 Paris
Metro Place de Clichy lines 2 & 13

Open every day: from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Free entry access
Presence of artists on site

About the CNFAP
French National Council of Plastic Arts

The French National Council for the Plastic Arts is the French National Committee that officially represents France in the IAAA (International Association of the Plastic Arts), an NGO under the auspices of UNESCO, and issues a professional artist card.
Under the impulse of the General Direction of Arts and Letters of the Ministry of National Education, the CNFAP was created in 1956.
It includes, among its founding members, 20 eminent artists, including : Georges BRAQUE, Roger CHAPELAIN-MIDY, André DUNOYER de SEGONZAC, Marcel GROMAIRE, Marie LAURENCIN, André LHOTE…

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ささやき 0x608EBF51


The two exhibited works are part of a short photographic novella「ささやき」produced in Japan in May 2023.

ささやき (Sasayaki), in Japanese, means “MurmurS”, the title of the theme “Murmures” in French.

These photographs are, for those who know how to listen to silence, the murmur of nature.

While my photographic artwork tirelessly questions the murmurs of the universe, I did not think that the waves that I captured that night in Kanazawa, in dialogue with the moon, transmitted to me a vibration heralding the 6.5 magnitude earthquake which occurred a few hours later, on May 5, 2023 at 2:42 p.m. in Ishikawa Prefecture.

Everything is just a murmur of these waves which constantly pass through us and transmit to us in their infinite trajectory, the echo of the World, if indeed we can interpret it.

Photographs, Hahnemühle B&R Rag 310g paper, light oak wooden box and anti-reflective and anti-UV museum glass.
From left to right (below):
ささやき 0x608EBF51 (2023) 30x30cm #1/3 (+1AP)
and ささやき 0x604ABB51 (2023) 30x30cm #1/3 (+1AP)