TrAVerSéE2nUiT 2oo4

TrAveRséE2nUiT | 36.864 pixels © Éric Petr

TrAVerSéE2nUiT 2oo4, a net artwork in 36 poses

TrAVerSéE2nUiT which in French translates as Traversée de Nuit means in English A night crossing.

This net art photographic project, of 36,864 pixels and composed of 36 views of 1024 pixels scrolling to the rhythm of a crossing of the Mediterranean Sea under a grazing moonlight, is the evocation for the art of photography, of the end of the era of film and the appearance of that of digital; a violent fracture which already announces the death of a technology but which opens up infinite possibilities despite a quality much lower than that of film.
Comment by Éric Petr in 2004

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Have a good crossing!