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My photographic artwork questions the idea of time and space or space-time.

Don’t we consider that when we see a star, it is that precise moment when its light hits our retina and that this illusion effect leads us to wonder what it has become since its photons left it, billions of light years ago, to reach us?

From a poetic point of view, my photography is an odyssey of the great unknowns of our universe and the secrets it holds.
Through its visual metaphors, it invites my readers to escape into this sidereal immensity and to question the birth of the world, of light and matter.
It also arouses, in each of us, the idea that our life is perhaps only the hyphen of an energy which comes from the infinite, crosses us, and propagates indefinitely towards this same infinite.

光 Hikari in Japanese is “light.”
I find that there was no better than this ideogram (or Kanji) to illustrate my photographic work because it does not evoke a word made of letters but a visual form that expresses an idea.
The etymology of this sign (光) and its lettering suggest a scene of man’s worship (儿) for the light represented by fire (火). This is why the Kanji 光 defines my photography better than the word “light” because precisely, my reflection on this subject raises the question of the relationship between being and light.