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[0x18CBA3] Metamorphoses © Éric Petr

Contemporary artworks framed in antique frames

Some of my photographic works are intended for framing in old frames. I like to associate the timeless value of my works with a time in history that the frame evokes.

For exemple, this photograph was taken in the Cathedral of the Good Shepherd in San Sebastian, in Spain.
When I take photographs in spiritual places, I often see angels or mythical creatures appear in my images. The long exposure times allow the invisible to record on the films in my cameras.  For example, in this photograph, a Phoenix is flying. The Phoenix is a bird from Greek mythology that by its power is reborn from its ashes after being consumed in the flames. It symbolizes the cycles that punctuate life, death and resurrection. It is also called the firebird. 

Title: [0x18CBA3] Metamorphoses, 2012
Printing: Limited Edition #1 of 3  (+ 1 AP)
Paper: Hahnemühle Glossy Fine Art Baryta Satin 300g
Size of the printed image: 9x14cm

Frame: Napoleon 3 (19th century) picture frame with beveled glass with a nice decoration of a golden ribbon (9x16cm x2cm 264g) 
In this photo, a Phoenix flies ♪ (‘θ `) ノ ☆☆ 〜

French Antique & Art gallery

This is a French antique gallery and shop on the Etsy site which offers a selection of my photographic works presented in very beautiful old frames.
Etsy guarantees the transaction and the quality of the shops it hosts and from which it also draws its reputation as the world’s leading merchant site for small designers and artisans.

TrAVerSéE2nUiT 2oo4

TrAveRséE2nUiT | 36.864 pixels © Éric Petr

TrAVerSéE2nUiT 2oo4, a net artwork in 36 poses

TrAVerSéE2nUiT which in French translates as Traversée de Nuit means in English A night crossing.

This net art photographic project, of 36,864 pixels and composed of 36 views of 1024 pixels scrolling to the rhythm of a crossing of the Mediterranean Sea under a grazing moonlight, is the evocation for the art of photography, of the end of the era of film and the appearance of that of digital; a violent fracture which already announces the death of a technology but which opens up infinite possibilities despite a quality much lower than that of film.
Comment by Éric Petr in 2004

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Have a good crossing!