Eric PETR _ visual artist

Siret : 84248949400018 |APE : 9003A

Artistic Creation / Visual Arts

Eric PETR |reflections, timelessness and matter|


"The click in photography, is inspired by a vibration." ericPetr

I am a French photographer born in 1961 and I live in Marseille in the South of France.
Very young, already, I was a precocious "shooter". 

My photos, variations of light, summarize what life is: fragility and greatness. My aesthetic choices primarily turned to minimalist compositions and to black and white. 

Simultaneously, I trained in the development of images in the laboratory to control the whole process from shooting to the final result. 

Yet the advent of digital in the early 1990's marked for me, and for many other photographers, a moment of questioning and interrogation.
A break from photography was necessary and it gave me time to reconsider my relationship to the image and to this passion for photography which had awakened in me. 

In 2003, I fell into an urgency of desire to create again photographs, to capture images, and realize the projects locked in my head for many years. 

Since 2013, I have decided to express myself as an artist and since 2016, I have seen my efforts to are beginning to be rewarded. 

My photographic work is a reflection on the essence of light. It questions that observation would impose certain limits on our perception of reality. It shows the fragility and beauty of life in a world that is constantly swirling and brutal. 

In my mind, my film is the painter's canvas and the light, his brush. In the present problematic, the ray of light is fixed; It is the camera that must be in motion. As if the painter had to move his canvas to paint with a brush attached to the wall. 

I always wonder who holds that brush. A knowledge, a memory that precedes the light, or the matter that gave birth to the big bang? 

This is how I photograph, with this spirit and this reception of the universe. 

Then, I compose my colors, draw my shapes and vibrate gleams that I extract from eternal places to write from this pencil of light stories of invisible worlds but made visible by the capture of waves on my film or my sensor. 


The writing is direct. It springs from the encounter between the human being and the universe, for a moment fixed on the thread of timelessness.